You Are The Difference Customer Service & Sales Training - Audiobook

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Alf Dunbar has over 10 years practical retail experience and 17 years as a top performance coach. He’s coached thousands of people in retail, helping them to achieve exceptional results that stick!  

This audiobook encompasses the 'You Are The Difference' Training Programme. It is unique, developed on the shop floor, and provides simple but effective tools to help raise customer service and increase sales.

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Chapter 1 - "How It All Began"  

Chapter 2 - "Choices"

Chapter 3 - "The Elephant and the Stick"

Chapter 4 - "People Buy People First" 

Chapter 5 - "Things We Love or Loathe"

Chapter 6 - "Priorities"

Chapter 7 - "Lifetime Value of a Customer" 

Chapter 8 - "The Spiral of Positivity" 

Chapter 9 - "Feel, Behaviour, Result"

Chapter 10 - "The Neg Repellent"

Chapter 11 - "Attitude"

Chapter 12 - "Greeting the Customer"

Chapter 13 - "A Relaxed Approach"

Chapter 14 - "Perfect Partners"

Chapter 15 - "Closing the Sale"

Chapter 16 - "Product in the Hand"

Chapter 17 - "The Fitting Room"  

Chapter 18 - "The Fab 5"

Chapter 19 - "The Magnificent 7"

Chapter 20 - "Catch a Butterfly"

Chapter 21 - "Reach for Your Best"

Chapter 22 - "Role of the Manager"

Chapter 23 - "Circle of Control"

Chapter 24 - "Coaching"

Chapter 25 - "Nothing Happens"

Chapter 26 - "The Personal Goal"